1. Failure to use this specimen collection kit as directed may result in an insufficient specimen or inaccurate test result.
  2. The laboratory must receive a blood spot specimen of adequate size and quality or it cannot be tested.
  3. Your blood spot specimen in perishable. If not received within 10 days of collection, it may not be tested.
  4. Use by persons under 18 years of age has not been investigated.
  5. Not all persons infected with HIV-1 will test positive; not all persons testing positive are infected with HIV-1; it is impossible to make a test that is 100% accurate, 100% of the time.
  6. To preserve your privacy and the privacy of others, you cannot receive your results without knowing your Home Access Code Number. Safeguard it and don't share it with others.


Before using any home testing kit product of any kind please read all warnings and instructions included with the packaging. In addition;

  1. Hemophiliacs or those on anticoagulant therapy should consult their physician before using this kit.
  2. Keep out of the reach of children.
  3. This is for external use only. DO NOT use any part of this kit internally.
  4. You may experience dizziness while collecting your blood spot specimen.
  5. NEVER use a Safety Lancet that has been used by another person.
  6. Do not collect or leave your blood spot specimen in a place where others may be exposed to it.
  7. Home Access does reserve the right to defer giving test results to clients who are likely to harm themselves or others after they obtain their results.
  8. Please dispose of used items properly. Failure to dispose of used lancets as directed may result in injury or infection.
  9. This specimen collection kit is for SELF-USE only.