Testing & Results Questions

How accurate is the HIV Home Test Kit?
These HIV home test kits are doctor recommended and designed to provide you with a scientific test result that you can trust. They use the same test procedures used by doctors and hospitals nationwide and are clinically proven to be greater than 99.9% accurate. Data from clinical trials have been published in the American Medical Association's Archives of Internal Medicine (Vol. 157, 2/10/97).

Is the test anonymous?
Yes, completely. At no time is your name matched to your results. The manufacturer guarantees that all tests results are completely anonymous. Included in your test kit is a personal 11-digit code number. You are the only person who can use (or share) your code number to access your result.

How does it work?
It's easy. Just call in to register your anonymous Code Number. Then collect a blood spot sample by following the instructions included in your kit. (If you have questions, you can call our toll-free number provided in the test kit box for assistance.) Ship your sample back to the laboratory for processing in the prepaid envelope included and then call in to find out your test result. After shipping your blood sample, you call back on the same toll-free number after either three (Express kit) or seven (Standard kit) days (depending on which kit you purchased).

When can I get my results?
The Express Test Kit now offers results in just ONE business day!. If you purchase the Standard Test Kit your test result will be ready in about a week.

How are results given?
Once your test is processed, you call in to find out your test results. You retrieve your results by calling the toll-free number included in your test kit. If you are transferred to a counselor, there is no reason to panic, this does not automatically mean that you have tested positive.

Can I get a copy of my results in writing (email)?
Yes, you must first obtain your results over the phone. Then send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a written request noting your code number to:

Mail Back Results
Home Access Health
2401 W. Hassell Road
Suite 1510
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195

For results via email, send an email to hivresult@homeaccess.com. Be sure to provide your code number in the email and request your test results.

When results are sent via email they are sent in a Portable Document Format (PDF) attachment which includes your personal identification number (PIN) and your result. The email is not sent in encrypted form and therefore your result, PIN and email address could possibly be “hacked” by someone on the Internet. In addition, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has the ability to convert your email address to your name and address and could possibly see your result. If you have concerns about these limitations please request your results via U.S. mail. While either of these email breaches are not likely, they must be taken into consideration when requesting your result via email and you assume any and all risk of such a breach.