Informed Consent

Prior to completing the test, you should review the Informed Consent below.

The following are the conditions of Informed Consent which I have read, understand and to which I agree voluntarily. I am showing my agreement by registering my Home Access Code Number by telephone and by writing my code number on the Blood Specimen Collection Card.

  1. I authorize Home Access Health Corporation (HAHC) to use an authorized laboratory to test my blood specimen for the presence of HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Type 1).
  2. I understand that a negative result means the blood specimen I submitted did not show antibodies to HIV-1.
  3. I understand a positive result means I should consider myself infected with HIV-1 and I must take precautions not to infect others. However, inaccurate results may occur and a positive test result alone does not mean I have AIDS or will ever develop AIDS.
  4. I understand an indeterminate result means the result is neither negative nor positive and I should be tested again.
  5. I understand certain demographic information (e.g. my age, gender, race) may be reported ANONYMOUSLY to the state health department of the state from which I am calling.
  6. I understand I may request that HAHC provide me with a referral to physicians or mental health practitioners with experience in HIV/AIDS in my area, from whom I may seek care. HAHC makes no warranty or representation concerning the qualifications of any such physician or mental health practitioner, and HAHC shall have no liability or responsibility with respect to the acts or omission of any such mental health practitioner or physician.
  7. I understand HAHC bears no responsibility to provide me medical or psychological care regardless of my test result.
  8. I understand that my test result will be identified only by the Home Access Code Number to protect my identity.
  9. I have thoroughly read, understand, and followed the Directional Insert and Things You Should Know About HIV and AIDS.
  10. I understand that failure to strictly adhere to all recommended procedures may result in an inaccurate result or my specimen not being tested.
  11. I agree that any liability of HAHC, its physicians and counselors shall be limited to the purchase price of this specimen kit.
  12. I agree that any liability of American International AIDS Foundation, and its corporate officers and directors shall be limited to the purchase price of this specimen kit.