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Corporate Sponsors

  The American International AIDS Foundation would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting our organization. 
  We hope that you’ll support them by visiting their sites and patronizing their business. 

  We couldn’t do it without them and can’t thank them enough!

  If your company would like more information on becoming a Corporate Sponsor, please click here for more information

Diamond Sponsors

At Tower Records, we share common ground with when it comes to recognizing the dangers of the AIDS pandemic and we’re proud to be a supporter of this fine organization. Supporting HIV & AIDS prevention efforts is a very important issue for Tower Records and The American International AIDS Foundation is doing a fabulous job educating the world about this horrible disease. is a fast growing Internet travel portal that offers discounted travel on major airlines, hotels, cruise lines, car rentals and more! Our firm completely supports the efforts of The American International AIDS Foundation in their fight against AIDS and HIV and we are extremely proud to be a supporter of and wish them all the luck in the world!


Platinum Sponsors is a diversified cosmetics and personal care products company that is proud to be a corporate sponsor of The American International AIDS Foundation.  AIDS and HIV disproportionately affect women and children and we’re glad to do our part in the fight against AIDS and HIV by supporting educational efforts.


Gold Sponsors

We are a global dating and “friendship” network that is very concerned about the spread of AIDS and HIV.  We are proud to do our part in fighting this disease by helping a great organization like The American International AIDS Foundation.  


Silver Sponsors



We Support Equality & Awareness at Shell.  Shell promotes equality for employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification. We have created awareness in management of issues and concerns affecting people in a diverse workplace, and community inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identification.


Nike, a global company, is proud to sponsor!  The American International AIDS Foundation aims to increase awareness and understanding of the AIDS pandemic through educational and supportive events, and Nike commends them on their efforts.


Bronze Sponsors


American Airlines has a long tradition of supporting non-profit organizations such as the American International AIDS Foundation and congratulate them on putting together such an informative website as Keep up the good work!   Washington Mutual salutes the American International AIDS Foundation for their fine work in educating teens and young adults about the perils of HIV, AIDS and STD’s and wish them much success in the future!





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